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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Richard Gyllencreutz    
Post-doc researcher (since 1 Sep 2005)

Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
c/o Dept. of Earth Science
University of Bergen
Allégaten 41
5007 Bergen, Norway

E-mail: richard.gyllencreutz@geo.uib.no

Phone: +47.55583537
Nationality: Swedish
Fax: +47.55583660
Birth date: 09 Dec 1974
Mobile: +47.94840978

Current position

I am presently working as a Post-doc researcher (1 Sep 2005 – 30 Aug 2007) at the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, in the project “Ocean Reconstruction and Modelling of the European deglaciation” (ORMEN) which is a sub-project within the RAPID program. Within this framework, I am responsible for the construction of a database containing all dates (radiocarbon, cosmogenic exposure, luminescence etc.) relevant for the deglaciation (Database on Eurasian Deglaciation Dates - DATED 1), and a GIS based reconstruction of the deglaciation pattern and chronology of the Eurasian ice sheet (Digital Atlas of the Eurasian Deglaciation - DATED 2).

I am also involved in the project "Ice Age development and Human Settlement in northern Eurasia" (ICEHUS II), which studies the Late Quaternary environmental changes in the Barents-Kara sea region and the earliest human occupation in northern Russia. In ICEHUS II we will carry out a lake coring program in the Russian Arctic that may provide unique archives for reconstruction the climate and environmental evolution in the Arctic. In ICEHUS II, I am responsible for the planned chirp-sonar sediment profiling of lakes in the polar Urals in Russia. The profiles will be used for mapping and interpretation of the sediment thickness and depositional history, and for identifying suitable coring targets.


Academic Degrees

PhD in General and Historical Geology at the Department of Geology and Geochemistry, Stockholm University. Thesis: “Holocene and Latest Glacial Paleoceanography in the North-Eastern Skagerrak” (defended 2005-04-15).
Licentiate in General and Historical Geology at Stockholm University. Thesis: “Holocene sedimentation from chirp sonar data and IMAGES coring in northeastern Skagerrak”.

Undergraduate Courses

1997-1998   Master in Geochemistry and Petrology at Stockholm University. Thesis: “A ground magnetometric survey on south-central Gotland, Sweden”.
1993-1998   Undergraduate courses in earth science at Stockholm University (break for military service 1995-1996).
1998   Undergraduate course in earth science at Lund University, Sweden, April – June.
1997   Undergraduate courses in earth science and geophysics at University of Tromsø, Norway, January – June.

Special courses

2004   IVS Fledermaus 3D visualisation training course, June 29 - July 1.
2004   Project leadership course, May 3-6.
2003   ESF-HOLIVAR training course “Qualitative climate reconstruction and data-model comparisons”, University College London, London, UK. Grant for travel and subsistence from the European Science Foundation June 23 – July 4.
2000   Intergraph GeoMedia Professional (GIS training course) January 13-14.

Pedagogic merits

Teaching (at Department of Geology and Geochemistry Stockholm University)

• Course Leader: Digital handling of geological data, 5 credits (Advanced course) - 2001, 2002 and 2004.

• Practical Assistant: Digital handling of geological data, 5 credits (Advanced course) - 1999 and 2000.

• Practical Assistant: Physics for Earth Scientists, 20 credits (Intermediate course) - 2000 and 2001.

• Field assistant and Practical Assistant: Geophysical methods, 10 credits (Advanced course) - 1999 and 2001.

• Practical Assistant: Earth science statistics, 5 credits (Advanced course) - 2000.

Student supervision

• Jennie Gutö, Stockholm University. Special project, 5 credits. Project title: “Grain
size analysis of core MD99-2286 from northeastern Skagerrak” - 2002.

• Christian Jönsson and Henrik Solgevik, Stockholm University. Project within the
course “Sediment petrology, 5 credits”. Project title: “Summary of the ongoing
research project- High resolution Holocene climate variability in Skagerrak”. - 2002

Cruise participation

1999   Shipboard scientist on R/V Marion Dufresne cruise V - GINNA-IMAGES, leg 3 Reykjavik - Tromsø, August-September.
2000   Shipboard scientist on R/V Skagerrak, Gothenburg-Hirtshals-Gothenburg. Gravity core sampling in the Skagerrak, February 7-11.

Administrative Duties

2000-2003   Member of the department board, Department of Geology and Geochemistry, Stockholm University
2000-2003   Member of the Earth Sciences faculty section drafting committee
1999-2004   Head of the image analysis laboratory at Department of Geology and
Geochemistry, Stockholm University (Department Assistant Work 10% part-time). The lab has facilities for scanning (prints and slides), digital image editing, and printing of high quality photos, posters, and slides. The assignment included setup and maintenance of hardware and software, supervision of lab-users and economic management of invoicing and costs of consumables.

Computer skills


Skill level (Software type)

MicroStation 7.1
IVS Fledermaus
Adobe Photoshop CS
Adobe InDesign CS
Advanced user (CAD)
Advanced user (GIS)
User (3D visualization and analysis)
Advanced user (Contouring and gridding software)
User (Image editing)
User (Layout and vector drawing)
User (Vector drawing)
Beginner (Matrix programming & visualization)
Advanced User (Word proc/Calc/Presentation)


July 2003: Received honorary mention at Best Student Poster award ceremony at the XVI INQUA Congress, Reno, USA. Title: Holocene sedimentation from high-resolution chirp sonar data and images core MD99-2286 in northeastern Skagerrak. Paper No. 8-3. XVI INQUA Congress, Reno, USA, July 23 - 30, 2003.