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– a dating database and GIS-based reconstruction for the Eurasian deglaciation

Abstract in english and russian (PDF, 390 KB)


To provide accurate digital maps with isochrones of the Eurasian deglaciation pattern to modellers and other researchers, and to facilitate future re-interpretation of the deglaciation pattern.

DATED will be an evolving project with successive updates, in order to enable future re-calibration and re-interpretation of the deglaciation history.

DATED will be
available on the web to the scientific community with all original data sources (scanned maps, dating and calibration info etc) and literature references.

Geographical extent

DATED will include the Barents-Kara sea, Scandinavian and British (Devensian) ice sheets.

Preliminary schedule

Sep 2005 Project start
Nov 2005 Information e-mail sent to fellow quaternary geologists in 17 countries - read it here
Dec 2005 Database structure ready for input by us
Jul 2006 Preliminary maps & database available
Sep 2007 First operational versions of maps & database finished and available on the web

Input - DATED 1

Dates (14C, OSL and exposure) relevant for the deglaciation chronology (from ~ 40 ka to ~9 ka), with date and error, sample location coordinates, sample material, site stratigraphy, lab reference, author reference, min. or max. age, and calibration details.

Input -  DATED 2

Scanned maps, ArcView-shape files, and vector drawings of mapped ice marginal deposits and other relevant data (glacial striae, meltwater channels etc), and of existing compilations of such.

Would you like to cooperate with us in this giant task? Please send an e-mail to  richard.gyllencreutz@geo.uib.no.